♥♥♥♥ (accessingname) wrote in dartfrog,

i have

1.0 adult normal phase leopard gecko
1.0 black corn snake
1.0 mali uromastyx
1.0 veiled chameleon

0.1 green treefrog
0.1 tigerlegged treefrog
0.1 peacock (also known as emerald) treefrog

(non herps)

unknown green cheak conure
male cockatiel
female hooded hailess rat
stray black cat female
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i also have a uromastyx. i don't think tons of people have those either.
my guys name is uri and he eats from my hand. i loooooooove them! they rock
whats you bedding for your uro, and what do you feed it. i know how to take care of mine, im just always looking for new ideas;)
oh..i think it's a mali uromastyx..i bought it a long time ago..it's actually pretty old (4 years or so). i just feed it crickets and kale. i'm not sure of the sex, i believe it's female(hard to find sex of reptiles when they're really young, that's why my bearded dragon is genderless, haha)
i have a mili too
they are easyto sex! males are more colorful tummys they dont really need crickets, give em lots of beans!
beans? what kinds of beans?
and judging by the tummy, it's probably a male, since it has a bright yellow stomach
soup bean mix un cooked
soup bean mix un cooked