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hello all!

*first post* this community rules. I only got into herps a few years ago, but now I'm a complete fanatic. Unfortunately, I live in the middle of the cold, cold, Canadian prairies, so in my province there are only 19 native species, 11 of which live, at closest, about a 10 hour drive south of here... oh well. Anyhoo, my humble list of own-and-have-owned:
2 oriental fire-bellied toads (my only "new" herps -- all my other animals were taken in as previously loved)
1 common leopard gecko, female
1 leucistic leo, male (I have 2 leo eggs that are due to hatch in a week or two! I'm soooo excited!)
1 bearded dragon (questionable lineage, but I suspect a standard sandfirexgerman giant)
1 ex-stray cat, all black
1 dog (mutt, born on the back porch in a November blizzard)
past: assortment of rodents (hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, etc)
well, I think that's about it. toodles :)
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