MST! (virulindex) wrote in dartfrog,

a good start!

four new members! that's rad! well, imsorad is my girlfriend and i made her join. but three is way awesome! anyway...

i was thinking as a membership requirement everyone should post all the animals they currently have or have had. sound like a good idea? here i go...

i currently have:
1.0 adult albino leopard gecko
2.0 juvenile normal leopard geckos
0.6 juvenile normal leopard geckos
0.1 yearling boa constrictor

in the past:
1.0 california kingsnake
2.2 thayeri kingsnakes
0.1 mexican black kingsnake
0.1 amelanistic corn snake
1.0 pueblan milk snake
1.2 ball pythons

i just moved back to my hometown and deoending on where my life goes from here i plan on setting up a few dart frog vivariums. ive never actually had any but i thought it would make a cool name for a community.

whos next?
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